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The Global Peace Exchange - Children with Hope for Development Partnership is in its third year. Children with Hope for Development (CHD) is locally-based in Po Village, Cambodia. The organization was founded in 2010 by Mister Sokha Treng and primarily seeks to provide a safe space for local children to receive free educational opportunities outside of government school. CHD functions as an after school program, featuring classes on English, math, and computer skills.

The GPE – CHD Cambodia Partnership was established in 2015 by Corey Goode of Global Peace Exchange and Sokha Treng of Children with Hope for Development. In the partnership’s initial year, GPE sent a total of 5 students to volunteer with CHD for 2 months. In 2016, Miranda Harris became the GPE Cambodia Partnership Director and GPE sent 4 students to volunteer with CHD. Now in its third year, the GPE Cambodia Partnership is under the direction of Monique Costner, and will once again return to Takeo, Cambodia to partner with CHD Cambodia under the direction of Sokha Treng.

The GPE Cambodia team will be living in Takeo Town, Cambodia for two months over the summer, beginning in May. Children with Hope for Development (CHD) is located in rural Po Village, a 45 minute bike ride away. The team will be assisting with several projects in the areas of education, environment, media, and health. This year, the GPE team will expand upon the original English Education Project by focusing on building relationships with local teachers at CHD and providing workshops to aid in the classroom. This year, they intend to expand access to technology and create more interactive learning opportunities through the Digital Books Project. Through organized English conversation sessions, they will further the practical application and usage of English among high school students. The team hopes to develop after school activities and groups which will encourage students to engage in the development of leadership and community-based projects. GPE believes in the importance of learning outside of the classroom in order to enhance the pursuit of education and economic opportunities.

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Monique Costner

CHD Cambodia Partnership Director

Monique is an FSU alumni who double majored in Media and Communication studies & International Affairs. Her family immigrated to the U.S. from Romania before she was born in South Florida. In 2016, she served as the senior public relations and social media director for Global Peace Exchange. Monique currently serves as the director of the Children with Hope for Development Partnership; she is excited to return to Cambodia this summer and lead the partnership team. As a 2017 Social Science Scholar, Monique has the unique opportunity to support her personal involvement in the CHD Cambodia Partnership through her participation in this program. Following her research endeavors under the university’s South Asian Media and Culture Studies Program and the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) in the previous academic year, she was able to conduct research on social media usage while partaking in the Cambodia Partnership last summer. Monique hopes to continue her research into media in Cambodia this summer through the development of an honors thesis. In addition to her involvement with Global Peace Exchange, she also currently serves as the president of InternatioNole, an organization which provides opportunities for international and U.S. students to connect. Monique works as a student assistant with the Center for Global Engagement’s Intercultural Programs and has attended the Florida International Leadership Conference for the past two years.

About Children with Hope for Development


Children with Hope for Development or CHD is a local non-profit, non-governmental organization with no religious or political ties. The organization was founded in June 2010 by Mister Sokha Treng. CHD is based in Po, a small village in the rural area of Takeo Province, approximately 94 kilometers from the capital city Phnom Penh. Most children in Po Village come from poor rice cropping families. Children with Hope for Development provides free after school classes in English, Math, and computer literacy to children aged 7 through 12. Attending a free school provides the children with educational skills and gives them the opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty, no matter their economic situation.