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Clinic Nepal is a NGO founded in the rural village of Meghauli, Nepal by Hari Bhandary in 1997. The NGO has central goals that include access to education, healthcare, clean water and sanitary facilities. Since 1997, Hari established a clinic in the rural village that provides free healthcare and medicine to the community members. Many sub-projects were established thereafter to compliment his visions.

These projects include three kindergartens (one in Meghauli and two in Dadale, Nepal), a water tower that supplies clean water to the community of Meghauli, a friendship scout troop for the youth to grow via creative outlets and establish lasting friendships, sustainable environmental projects, a marketplace for shopkeepers, and a housing project in Ghorka, Nepal. In addition to these projects, Hari works with other organizations to host health camps in other rural areas of Nepal. These events aim to counteract the lack of healthcare that exists in those areas. Finally, Hari’s latest project is to establish a University in the rural village of Meghauli so that every child is guaranteed access to higher education and opportunities for successful futures. All of the projects encompass the central goals of the NGO while also taking direction from the communities they serve. This partnership aims to close gaps in community needs by providing English and teacher resources, donations for health and sanitation improvements, diverse youth exposure and donations for environmental sustainability and awareness.


In summer of 2012, GPE sent four FSU students for 12 weeks to establish a partnership with Clinic Nepal, a non-profit organization located in Meghauli and Daldale, Chitwan, Nepal. Hari Bhandary, founder of Clinic Nepal, started this organization in 1997 with a vision toprovide the local community access to clean water, sanitary facilities, healthcare, and education. During this first trip, volunteers were able assist in the expansion and improvement of the Friendship Health Clinic, Wolfgang Linke Kindergarten, Friendship Scout Troop, and Asha Ko Kiran Children’s Hostel through volunteering time daily and facilitating key donations specific toeach entity. Most importantly, the volunteers were able to critically evaluate how future GPE volunteers could contribute more effectively and sustainably.


In spring of 2013, Hari Bhandary came to visit Florida State University to speak about Clinic Nepal and to endorse the work of GPE in Meghauli and Daldale. In summer of 2013, GPE sent a team of six FSU students for eight weeks and were joined by one student from Birmingham Southern College (BSC) to continue the program. Volunteers facilitated a summer camp on leadership and followership, environmental sustainability, and health and hygiene. This included challenge course facilitation, donating 1,500 reusable bags and installing several concrete dustbins at local chouks (Nepali for "intersection"), and organizing the scouts to teach the kindergarten and local community about the environment and hand-washing. Volunteers also taught English to local community members and conducted interviews with Clinic Nepal special treatment patients.


In summer of 2014, GPE sent five FSU student volunteers for eight weeks. They were joined by two BSC students for a third year in Nepal. The volunteers continued the environmental program greatly supported by Hari and the entire Meghauli community and to facilitated a summer camp for both the scouts and hostel children on dental and personal hygiene, self-defense and yoga, and self-esteem. Volunteers also continued teaching English and implemented the GPE Kindle Program, which involved a loan system of three to five Kindles to the older community in order to counter the unsustainable practice of bringing donated physical books with light-weight e-readers that can double as English learning devices. 


Unfortunately, due to the devastating earthquake which occurred in Nepal shortly before the volunteers were set to leave for the trip, the Nepal Partnership was not continued during the summer of 2015. 

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Clinic Nepal is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 by Hari Bhandary who possessed a vision for the Meghauli and Daldale communities to have access to education, healthcare, and clean water and sanitary facilities. To date, Clinic Nepal consists of a Friendship Clinic, Friendship Scout Troop, and Wolfgang and Prabhat Kindergartens in the Meghauli area, and Asha Kokiran Children's Hostel and Kindergarten in Daldale. Clinic Nepal has also facilitated the sponsorship of over 150 students in both academic and vocational capacities, the installation of clean water pumps and sanitary latrines, and recurring health camps. Clinic Nepal has several sponsors, volunteers, interns, and other friends from all around the world to thank for its success.