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Sarah Calzada


Sarah Calzada is a junior from New Orleans, LA. She is studying Geography with a minor in Environment and Society. She is a proud Puerto Rican who has a passion for sustainability and conservation. She has been a part of Global Peace Exchange since her freshman year at FSU, going on her first trip abroad to Brazil in summer 2019! In her 2 month long partnership with Iracambi, she discovered that living sustainably through her career and lifestyle choices is something she want to continually practice. During her sophomore year, she was elected member affairs chair of GPE, and gained leadership experience that helped her transition into the role of Co-Director today. After graduating, she hopes to either pursue a graduate degree in environmental science or work hands on in the environmental field through the Peace Corps.


Tiffany Claure


Tiffany is a junior from Orlando, Florida, majoring in International Affairs. Tiffany will be serving as the Finance Chair for GPE during the 2019-2020 academic school year. She is a proud Bolivian-American whose passions include public administration and policy, human rights and economic development. Alongside this, she hopes to get more involved in domestic & foreign policy. After graduating, Tiffany hopes to go onto law school and receive her JD from either Georgetown, Columbia, or Yale.


Isabella Frazier

Co-Director Spring 2021

Isabella Frazier is a sophomore studying international affairs with a concentration in religion. She hopes to receive her masters degree from FSU by the end of her undergraduate career. She then hopes to either continue graduate school at Georgetown University or pursue a career in foreign development.

Giovan Toval

Co-Director Fall 2020

Giovan is a senior in his last semester with GPE. He is from Miami, Florida and  is double majoring in Business Management and International Affairs with a concentration in Political Science. Gio, started his journey with GPE as the Events Chair throughout the 2017-2018 academic school year and has since moved up to Co-Director, where he has served for the past 2 years. He is a proud Nicaraguan and Miamian with a strong interest in international politics and hopes to use GPE as a way to educate students to increase their awareness and knowledge of the world around them. Following his graduation in December, Gio is hoping to land a finance role with a large established company.


Lexi Tyrrell

Member Affairs Chair

Lexi Tyrrell is a sophomore from Cape Coral, Florida double majoring in International Affairs and Public Health. She joined GPE in Spring 2020 because of her interest in out volunteer work both in Tallahassee and abroad and loved our message of sustainability. Lexi is proud to be Asian-American and her year as an exchange student in high school really sparked her love of travel and learning about new cultures. After graduation she hopes to spend time as a Peace Corps Volunteer and move onto graduate school after that. Her final goal is to work with the World Health Organization in Public Health Policy


Kennedy Cross

Communications Chair

Kennedy is a Sophomore from Houston, Texas. She is majoring in International Affairs. She joined GPE during her Sophomore year, and became the Communications chair for GPE. She grew up in Kansas City, MO, and loves barbecue food. She has always enjoyed learning other cultures, traveling and studying languages. She studied abroad in Spain during her Freshman year and hopes to travel again. She also loves yoga, pilates, and trying new foods. Kennedy plans to pursue a law degree, and a career that combines law and international work. 


Eliahna McFarlane

Outreach Chair

Eliahna is a sophomore from West Palm Beach, majoring in International Affairs. Eliahna will be serving as our Outreach Chair for GPE for the 2020-2021 academic school year. She is a transfer student to FSU and joined her first semester. Her passions include volunteer work, traveling abroad and learning about other cultures. She is thrilled that we can combine these things in GPE. After graduation, she plans to either pursue a law degree or a job in international affairs.


Mackenzie Barakat

Finance Chair

Mackenzie is a sophomore from Lincoln, Rhode Island majoring in Biology. She joined the GPE family in Fall 2019 as our new finance chair for the 2019-2020 academic year. She joined GPE because of her love for our mission statement of promoting sustainable work and fighting against volun-tourism. She is a first-generation immigrant from Egypt with the rest of her family being from Palestine. Mackenzie hopes to go to med-school after graduation and do research on stem cells with her final goal being to become a pediatrician. Fun facts about her is that her favorite show is Always Sunny in Philadelphia and that she doesn't like tomatoes.