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Location   West Africa (HQ in Senegal)

Mission    To replace dirty and expensive lighting solutions with sustainable energy alternatives for the 150 million people living without                             electricity in West Africa

Projects & Programs

Help offer high-quality solar products on an affordable financing plan

Volunteer Tasks

Data analysis of customer portfolio


Rebuilding marketing strategy


Grant related projects


Oolu is an innovative off-grid solar company operating in West Africa. Alongside technological and financial innovation, we believe that establishing strong relationships, our last-mile distribution and our commitment to customer service are what make us one of the fastest growing off-grid solar companies in West Africa. Our model, developed with local communities, allows us to reach off-grid households in rural villages offering them modern energy access. With a monthly payment model reducing barriers to access, as well as maintenance, parts and battery replacements included in our service, we save our clients money and assure them a continuous, dependable source of energy. In Wolof, a national language of Senegal, Oolu means ‘trust’. By building trust with the communities in which we work, we can grow together.

*all information was taken from the official Oolu Solar website which is linked below*

Oolu Solar Website