Melissa Magalhãaes

Brittney Alfaro


Brittney is a senior from Los Angeles, California pursuing a double degree in Economics and International Affairs and is expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2019. Brittney first started her journey with GPE as the Finance Chair during the 2017-2018 academic school year and now she has become one of the Co-Director. She has a loving passion for economic development and social entrepreneurship, making her a perfect navigator for GPE's future goals. After she completes her undergraduate studies, Brittney plans on pursuing a Masters Degree in Finance where she will then apply her skills to work in the micro-financing industry. 

Giovan Toval


Giovan is a junior from Miami, Florida double majoring in Business Management (for now) and International Affairs with a concentration in Political Science. Gio started his journey with GPE as the Events Chair throughout the 2017-2018 academic school year and has now transitioned into Co-Director alongside Brittney. He is a proud Nicaraguan and Miamian (?) with a strong interest in international politics and hopes to use GPE as a way to educate students to increase their awareness and knowledge of the world around them. After graduation he is contemplating either pursuing an MBA post-graduation or entering the work force immediately.

Nick Hearing

Member Affairs Chair

Nick is a sophomore from Tampa, Florida double majoring in International Affairs and Economics. He is new to GPE family but is excited to hit the ground running as part of our executive board. He considers himself very active on campus as he has been part of the Presidential Scholars, Global Scholars, UROP, and more. In the summer of 2018 he completed a two month internship program with Manna Project International, an INGO in Ecuador. Throughout his time here, he gained knowledge and perspective of grassroots social development that will help push GPE forward. After graduation he hopes to eventually work in the Peace Corps and in the U.S. Foreign Service.

Melissa Magalhãaes

Tiffany Claure

Finance Chair

Tiffany is a sophomore year from Orlando, Florida, majoring in International Affairs. Tiffany will be serving as the Finance Chair for GPE during the 2018-2019 academic school year. She is a proud Bolivian-American whose passions include public administration and policy, human rights and economic development. Alongside this, she hopes to get more involved in domestic & foreign policy. After graduating, Tiffany hopes to go onto law school and receive her JD from either Georgetown, Columbia, or Yale.

Melissa Magalhãaes

Melissa Carcamo

Events Chair

Melissa is a double major in Political Science and International Affairs with a minor in Hispanic Marketing and Communications. She is new to the GPE family with this being her first year as a member and executive board however she is definitely not a stranger to international development. She has served as Community Service & Membership Chair for the Central Americans United Student Association (CAUSA), Community Relations Chair for the Hispanic/Latino Student Union (HLSU), Global Scholars Ambassador, and Global Nole Mentor. Alongside this, she considers herself a professional world traveler as she's been to nine countries in Europe, two in Latin America, two in Asia, and two in Africa. 

Melissa Magalhãaes

Aiana Maresa Semper

Outreach Chair

Aiana Maresa is a fourth-year student with double majors in International Affairs & Economics. She currently works as a Resident Assistant (RA) on campus and loves that her job requires her to interact with students on a daily basis as well as having been a former UROP participant. After she graduates, she plans to eventually start a firm that offers consulting services to NGOs and elected officials within those departments.

Melissa Magalhãaes

Maia Hass

Marketing Chair

Maia is a junior from Clearwater, Florida, double majoring in Marketing and International Affairs with a concentration in Economics. After serving as the Member Affairs chair for GPE in the 2017-2018 academic year, she has now transitioned into the Marketing/Communications chair. Maia is a proud Polish American whose roots have led her to be passionate about cultures other than her own. After she graduates, she hopes to one day make in the entertainment/tourism industry where she can research market demographics from all over the world.

Melissa Magalhãaes

Karina Amalbert

Communications Chair

Karina is a proud Latina from Puerto Rico majoring in Interdisciplinary Social Science with a concentration in Sociology and Public Administration. She is new to the GPE family but is excited to expand her knowledge of international development with others and help move GPE forward. She is more specifically passionate about Latin American women empowerment and hopes to make others passionate about it too. She is a CARE student, social change peer education, and a Global Scholar which allowed her to go to Peru. After she graduates she hopes to join the Peace Corps and then return to grad school to get her doctorate and become "Dr. Amalbert".