GPE is unique in that we are a completely student-run collegiate organization that offers an alternative to the traditional study abroad experience sought out by college students. Our partnerships encourage students to think critically about the world we live in and fully understand the implications of development work. This field is one that can be difficult to navigate and organizational scams are not uncommon. GPE acknowledges this and seeks to build relationships with NGOs that work directly with the people in a community to serve their needs in a way that is efficient yet culturally conscious. We strive to make our volunteer work sustainable, with our ultimate goal being that communities can gradually become self-sufficient.

Another attribute of GPE is our partnerships last two months during the summer, while typical international volunteer experiences last a few weeks at most. This prolonged stay allows for almost complete cultural immersion and further extends the positive impact the team members can have.


In the months leading up the trip, team members participate in comprehensive and hands-on training. This may include creating lesson plans, team-building activities, and attending cultural awareness presentations.

Following the summer of 2015, we have had over 100 students travel to 8 countries ranging everywhere from Nepal to Moldova. The donations GPE receives go toward travel and housing for student volunteers, as well as the communities GPE serves in, through supplies and resources. Our goal is to make these trips as affordable as possible for our members because we believe volunteer work should not be a great cost to those willing to dedicate their time to a cause. 


Global Peace Exchange is extremely grateful to receive funding through grants, scholarships, research grants and personal donations.

As a donor, you help to ensure that this organization will be able to continue its service in developing countries around the world.

In this way, you effectively improve the lives of not only the community members we serve internationally, but also the students who gain a life-changing experience that for many defines their undergraduate or graduate career at FSU. Donate to our organization through one of the links below: